Lutherans Connect’s 2020 Lenten Devotional

Reimagining Justice

A week from today is Ash Wednesday, when we mark the beginning of our journey with Jesus in the wilderness. Lutherans Connect invites you to make space for that journey, by joining us for reflection every day during Lent and Holy Week. As usual, we will bring together scripture readings, poetry, music, reflection and images from a wide range of ecumenical traditions in a daily online devotion.

Continuing themes begun in Advent and Epiphany, this Lent we are shining a light on climate justice by focusing on the work of artists who are seeking to raise awareness of climate and justice issues. From mixed-media artisans to major filmmakers, LC† Reimagining Justice will explore the variety of ways that artists from all over the world are tackling the issues of climate emergency, speaking to their own contexts in a way that can bring rich insights to our own. We are made in God’s image and art plays a role in helping us see ourselves. What can we learn from the work of others about our own relationship to the issues?

This year also marks the tenth Lenten project of Lutherans Connect. They began in 2011. Frequently during this Lenten project, we will compare where we are now with some of the Lenten journeys of the last ten years. We have been praying about climate change and justice for many years! How have some of the stories changed since we first visited them? How can we be renewed in our desire to deepen our discipleship as we prepare for the events of Holy Week?

Join us on Ash Wednesday, February 26th and every day until Easter Sunday, April 12th. And may you have a blessed and holy Lent!

~ from Lutherans Connect facebook page

You are able to access this on-line devotional from the Lutherans Connect facebook page or their blog.

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