Welcome to the Season of Annual Meetings!

An Opportunity to Celebrate and Reflect On the Past Year
A Time to Plan and Select our Leadership

For some, the Annual Congregational Meetings are a celebration; for others, a duty.  They are a combination of both.  If they were not required, we may not take the time to step back from the day-to-day and week-to-week routines and busyness to observe, consider, and appreciate the bigger picture of the life and work of our congregations.  As the reports are read, there are often comments like “Wow!  We did all that!!”

So, the reports are written, collated, printed, and distributed.  It is now

time to gather
to hear our story, to discern who will provide leadership,
to set budgets and goals, and to share a meal.

We are into unusual this year!  The Church of St Paul and Trinity Shared Ministry will be holding their Annual Congregational Meetings on the same day:  February 16th!
Trinity Shared Ministry
will meet after worship at Sandra’s for its meeting and then celebrate with a potluck lunch.  The Rev. Dawne Taylor will have led worship and be present to represent the judicatories at the meeting.
The Church of St Paul will start with a potluck lunch after worship and then hold its meeting.  The Rev. Keith Peterson will lead worship and be present to represent the judicatories for the meeting.

February 23rd is the date for the Annual Parish Meeting of the North Thompson Ecumenical Shared Ministry.  Both congregations will have worship at their usual time and place.  Bishop Barbara Andrews will lead worship in Barriere.  Following the service at the Church of St Paul, the Parish will gather for a potluck lunch.  Then, we will meet as a Parish for our Annual Meeting with Bishop Barbara representing the judicatories.

Wow!!  Another bit of unusual!

With the Parish being in a time of transition, there is a need for judicatory representatives at our meetings because we do not have a minister/pastor/priest.  It happens that all three of our denominations are represented.  The Rev. Dawne Taylor is a United Church of Canada minister; the Rev. Keith Peterson is a rostered pastor of the BC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada; and Bishop Barbara Andrews is an ordained priest of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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