Lutherans Connect ~ Inter-seasonal Devotional

Following the Light

In the lectionary readings of January, the word “follow” occurs often. The Magi follow the Star to Bethlehem. The first disciples drop what they are doing and follow Jesus. For all of us, Jesus becomes the Star — the light that guides us through troubling times and times of hopeful change. But how are we able to follow him ourselves? It can be especially hard during the Epiphany season: with much of the winter still ahead of us, it can be easy to become downcast and dispirited, especially when political and ecological events continue to worry us.

In response to this, Lutherans Connect will be offering a devotional on Wednesdays and Sundays for six weeks, beginning Wednesday, January 22nd. The project, called Following the Light, takes its inspiration from the Advent, Christmas and Epiphany seasons we have just passed through and will help us stay grounded in our discipleship while journeying in the spiritually challenging months of January-February. As we prepare to begin the Lenten/Easter season of wilderness, death and resurrection, how is Jesus living in our hearts?

Jesus’ time in the mountains, and the blessings of the Beatitudes will help frame this inter-seasonal journey. Reflecting on immediate and contemporary events that are unfolding around us, this short project will ask us to think about where we see the hope we associate with Advent and the light we associate with Epiphany guiding us through the sacrifice and struggle of Lenten realities we are experiencing every day. How can we deepen our discipleship in a time when being a disciple feels like it may not be enough to heal our church and our world?

~ from the Lutherans Connect facebook page

This on-line devotional can be accessed from either the Lutherans Connect blog or facebook page.

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