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Retelling the Stories

Ash Wednesday to Easter ~ Monday – Saturday

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In less than a week it will be Ash Wednesday, when we mark the beginning of our journey with Jesus in the wilderness. Lutherans Connect invites you to make space for that journey in Lent, by joining us from Monday to Saturday until Palm Sunday and every day in Holy Week. As usual, we will bring together scripture readings, poetry, music, reflection and images from a wide range of ecumenical traditions in a daily online devotion.

This year the Lenten project will focus on how we tell and retell the stories of our religious and cultural traditions. In this year when the ELCIC has been called to read the bible more intentionally, we will explore how the biblical people told and retold their own stories. How did Jesus and the disciples recast the words of the prophets? And what were the ancient texts that those prophets used to speak to their own context?

We will also look at how stories are retold in our own times. What happens when stories are not told, or retold untruthfully, or doubted and shamed? How can we be called to make space for the stories we need to hear even when we know they will challenge us? How do the ways we tell the stories of our faith marginalize or exclude others who are different from us, and what can we do to change that?

New this Lent: over the past year, the church has developed impressive Sunday resources for devotion, worship and reflection. Therefore, this year, we will not publish on Sundays. Instead, each Saturday, we will offer links to other rich resources on offer.

Join us, Monday to Saturday starting February 17th, as we journey with Jesus to the Cross and beyond. And may the peace of Christ be with you and bless you this Lent.

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You can access these devotionals from the Lutherans Connect Facebook page or their blog.


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