Lutherans Connect On-Line Devotionals from Advent through Epiphany

Longing For Renewal

November 29th to January 6th

Image: “Homage to A.Y. Red Maple”, by Patrick Doheny. Found here:

How do we have hope in a time of frustration and fear?  How can we renew our sense of mystery and wonder, when mostly we feel exhausted and disappointed?  Inspired by Isaiah 43 and God’s promise of “doing a new thing”, we will explore the ways that God has manifest hope in the midst of immense challenge in Scripture, through acts of creativity and imagination that flow from God’s love for us.  From the Creation story to the birth of Jesus to the wonder of a natal star, for the first time ever, the Advent project will move through Christmas to Epiphany, offering daily reflections, music, images and art as a way of helping us all hope for a time of new creation.

As we go, we will consider the primary phrase of the annunciation to Mary, “be not afraid”, and will also reflect on the ways that figures in the biblical story have quoted Scripture to keep themselves going.  How can these words spoken centuries ago speak to us in our own time, challenging our uncertainties by deepening our discipleship?

Join us for thirty-nine days of prayer together.  And may the deep peace of Christ bless and be with you in the coming season!

~ from the Lutherans Connect blog

This on-line devotional can be accessed from the Lutherans Connect Facebook page or their blog.  It begins on Sunday, November 29th and concludes on Wednesday, January 6th.

The Lutherans Connect online devotional projects are supported by the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, through its Mission Committee partnerships.


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