United Church of Canada’s Birthday

On June 10, 2020
the United Church of Canada is 95!!

The inaugural meeting of the United Church of Canada in June 1925 in the Mutual Street Arena in Toronto.

On June 10, 1925, in the Mutual St. Arena in Toronto, The United Church of Canada was formed by a union of Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregational, and the General Council of the Local Union Churches.

A Prayer for This Day from the Moderator, the Right Rev. Dr. Richard Bott

(Based on a prayer offered at the inaugural worship service of The United Church of Canada, June 10th, 1925.)

at Pentecost, you gave your Holy Spirit
to a waiting church –
disciples divided in so many ways,
but one in their love for Christ;
95 years ago, you brought together
a union of unions,
disparate, but not dis-Spirited,
United in spite of differences,
by the oneness of their love for Christ;
United and united again through the years,
with congregations, and with the EUB*;
gathered as we are now, today –
together, though separated by no desire of our own…

we ask that you would pour that same Spirit
upon your church, in this time and place,
upon all who worship you,
upon all who live for you,
wherever we may be…
that we would expect great things of you,
and do great things for you,
and, one in you,
we might share with the world,
the love that Christ shares with the world,
and, in that sharing,
bring you honour and glory,
always and forever.



* EUB – Evangelical United Brethren Church

Read more about the history of the United Church of Canada here.

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