United Church General Council 43 Has Voted To Enact All Remits

Photo: United Church/Flickr/Creative Commons

“This is a really significant moment in the life of our church,” said United Church of Canada Moderator Jordan Cantwell before commissioners at General Council voted to enact all of the remits regarding changing the church structure.

An overwhelming 91 per cent voted in favour of enacting the three-council model. After the court decided to enact all of the remits, the moderator prayed:

“Holy, disturbing, grace-filled God, this has been such a long, sometimes difficult, often joyful and exciting journey for us as we wrestle with the changes going on around us and within us as a church and how to respond faithfully.

We thank you that even in the midst of our fears and anxieties and uncertainties, that you have accompanied us as you always do, that you have granted us courage to act even in the presence of our fears.

To respond to faith and hope even when we are uncertain what the future will entail. That you have taught us how to walk together in courageous, hope-filled footsteps.

May we have the strength and vision to live into these changes, to live into this new structure, joyfully, with creativity, knowing that we are always and forever a work in progress.

We give you thanks that you are always and forever working with and through and around us. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

~ from the UC Observer Magazine facebook page

For more information about General Council 43, go to its website.

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