Holy Shift ~ Spirit Rising

Equipping Leaders for Change
April 22nd (7pm) – 24th (1pm) at Trinity United in Vernon

Holy Shift ImageThe world is rapidly changing. And so is the church.

As our congregations diversify, struggle, and restructure, leaders and members are experiencing many expressions of change.

From technology to language, leadership to eldership, faith to hope – which expressions do we pay attention to?

Which of our skills and abilities can we use to help our congregations evolve with these changes?

What do we need to equip our church for change?

Holy Shift: Rising Spirit is a three-day event designed for United Church ministry personnel and congregation members to connect, learn, and share our unique ways of shifting with the rising Spirit.

Click here for more information and a link to register.  The cost is $50.00.  The registration deadline is April 12th.

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