2016 Annual Congregational Meetings

Trinity Shared Ministry ~ January 17th

TSM ACM 2016 Abigail, Brian, Lorne at the buffet TSM ACM 2016 Brian and Abigail getting lunch TSM ACM 2016 Brian reading reports TSM ACM 2016 Mary distributing agendas

Church of St Paul ~ January 24th

Ch St Paul ACM 2016 Cleanup Crew Ch St Paul ACM 2016 meeting

North Thompson Ecumenical Shared Ministry ~ February 7th
first ever!

NTESM setting up for meeting NTESM Thelma, Mel NTESM Susan, Robert in the kitchen NTESM Robert, Margaret NTESM Norma, Elsie NTESM Norma, Elsie, food lineup NTESM Mary at the sink

NTESM Kara, HaileyNTESM Leslie S at computerNTESM handing out agendasNTESM finishing up lunchNTESM BrianNTESM Leslie SNTESM Betty, Elsie, RobertNTESM around the table at the meeting

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