Indigenous Youth Point the Way Forward

Eighth National Sacred Circle of the Anglican Church of Canada
Met in Port Elgin, Ontario from August 16th to 22nd

Sacred Circle (Anglican) 2015 logo -1024x538An article written by Matt Gardner and posted to the Anglican Church of Canada’s website on August 21st highlights some of the discussion that took place surrounding issues affecting indigenous youth.  Topics included suicide and its prevention, discrimination in education and legal systems, sexual violence and harassment, recapturing culture and traditions, and the environment.

The tribulations of the past and present intermingled with hope for the future at Sacred Circle on Thursday, Aug. 19, as a new generation of Indigenous Anglicans stepped forward to address the ongoing issues faced by Indigenous communities across Canada.

While naturally focused on the more acute nature of these crises in Indigenous communities due to the impacts of residential schools and other colonial policies, such challenges are by no means restricted to Canada’s Indigenous populationunderscoring the shared interests between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in building a better future.

Read more and see some pictures from the event.

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