Gathered at the Table

A mini-devotional for Thanksgiving days, praying with Jesus at a feast
From Lutherans Connect

“Autumn Orange” by Jerzy Durczak

The leaves have turned and the weather brings the promise of change. In this autumn time between the season of creation and Advent, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, how can we invite Jesus to be gathered with us? How can we make room amidst the settled routines of school and work, sports practice and evening meetings to prepare our hearts for the thanks we truly feel? For the first time, Lutherans Connect is offering a special five-day devotional for the Thanksgiving holiday, to help us calm our hearts and minds and make room for grace. Beginning Wednesday October 9th, LC† Gathered at the Table will offer devotions in preparation for a feast.

Our focus is on Jesus’ friendship and his own meal of thanksgiving with the family at Bethany. In the wider circle of his followers, Jesus’ closest friends were Mary, Martha and Lazarus. At a feast to celebrate and give thanks for the raising of Lazarus, on the night before what will become Palm Sunday, Jesus sits down to eat with people he loves and has helped to restore, even as he waits in knowledge of the events ahead of him. Mary’s gift of nard, the rising political tensions and fears of well-being for both Jesus and Lazarus — are all part of their time together. As we ourselves gather in families and with friends, amid our own tensions and burdens, joys and celebrations, we too may be preoccupied with the sometimes overwhelming news cycle of politics and discoveries, or even just the challenges of our own fears for the future. How can we invite Jesus to be with us in our anxiety and uncertainty, and in our gratitude and belonging, so that we may experience a harvest of spirit?

Join us on October 9th and find out.
And may God’s abundant peace find you in your own feast gatherings!

~ from the Welcome Page of the Lutherans Connect Gathered at the Table blog

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