Lutherans Connect 2019 Lenten Devotional

Journey for Justice

Begins March 6th

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Many of us would love to spend more time in spiritual practice than we do, but often find it hard to make space for it in the day-to-day challenges of our lives. In Lent, we are especially encouraged to make sacrifices or ‘fasts’ to help draw us into the deeper meaning of the story of Jesus’ time in the wilderness.

In the spirit of our previous Lenten and Advent online devotional projects, Lutherans Connect invites you to make space in Lent for reflection every day. To assist you we will offer a daily meditation, bringing together scripture readings, poetry, music and reflections, from a range of ecumenical traditions. They will be posted each morning on Facebook and Twitter — and new this season, Instagram!

Our theme this Lent is ‘prophetic imagination’. How do the visionary experiences of the biblical prophets and the prophets of our own time help to call out injustice and inspire us to work for change? Framing our journey with the Saturday prayers on Twitter of ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson, we will visit parts of the world where a prophetic imagination is helping to transform the lives of a community. At the same time, we will ask ourselves how we too can imagine a different world. What are the small and large ways that we can transform lives?

Jesus divided his time between ministry, teaching and healing — and time spent in the mountains in prayer. While we are exploring the injustices of the world, we will also take time to retreat into the places where we too might take time away to reflect on our relationship to God. Using the Google Trekker application, we will journey to places where (at least in a virtual way), we can wander into spacious wilderness spaces of God’s creation.

A final theme will be one of justice pilgrimages. Taking a spin on the idea of the solitary distance walker, we will imagine the contemporary justice march as a form of ‘pilgrimage’. What are some of the ways that communities coming together have shown solidarity in their push for justice? Where in the world has a small or large walk or march brought awareness to the conditions of those who are marginalized or disadvantaged? How can we show our support for them? And perhaps even organize one?

Let’s find out together. Join us March 6th for forty days until Palm Sunday April 14, exploring journeying for justice. And may God’s nourishing love bless you this day and always.

~ from the Lutherans Connect facebook page

The devotional can be accessed either on the Lutherans Connect facebook page or through the blog.

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