Volcanic Eruption in Guatemala

United Church Mission and Service Fund Accepting Donations

A resident cries after she was safely evacuated from her home near the Volcan de Fuego, or “Volcano of Fire,” in Escuintla, Guatemala.
Credit: AP Photo/Luis Soto

The Fuego Volcano, located 27 miles southwest of Guatemala City, erupted on June 3, 2018.  Initial reports indicate 75 people have died, around 50 people were injured, and almost 200 people are missing.  These numbers are expected to rise.  The health of 1.7 million people may be affected by ash inhalation and acid rain.

Mission & Service partner ACT Alliance, in part supported by contributions from The United Church of Canada, is responding on the ground. ACT Alliance is focused on food security, water, sanitation, health, nutrition, shelter, and psychosocial support.

Please pray for those affected by this emergency.  The Mission & Service Fund is also accepting donations.

~ Information is from the United Church of Canada website.  Explanations on how one might donate are also found there.


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