Daily Lenten Devotions from Lutherans Connect

Being God’s Hands

February 14th to April 1st

Many of us desire to spend more time in spiritual practice than we do, but often find it challenging to make space for it in our lives. In Lent, we are especially encouraged to make sacrifices or ‘fasts’ to help draw us into the deeper meaning of the story of Jesus’ time in the wilderness.

In the spirit of our previous Lenten and Advent online devotional projects, Lutherans Connect invites you to make space for reflection every day. To assist you we will offer (in a daily blog that will be linked to Facebook and Twitter) a daily meditation, bringing together scripture readings, poetry, music and reflections, from a range of ecumenical traditions.

Our theme for this Lenten project comes from Psalm 90, which ends with a petition that God’s work may be manifest in us. “Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the work of our hands — O prosper the work of our hands.” How do we prosper the work of God’s hands with our own, in a world that seems more broken than ever? How has God equipped each of us to serve God’s world with our gifts and talents?

One part of our exploration will look at the occupations of Scripture. From the carpenters and stonecutters of the temple to the makers of bread and wine, how does the ‘work’ of people in the bible live in God’s world?

As well, we live in a time when we have become aware of the power of physical touch to both harm and heal. Another part of our exploration will look at the ways in which Jesus engaged others in his ministry. From the hemorrhaging woman to the blind man of Bethsaida how does Jesus act in respectful relationship to the bodies of others?

A final part of our exploration will see how the people of Scripture uphold and assist each other. What happens when we choose to live as the body of Christ, in love and service with our neighbours and the world?

Let’s find out together. Join us February 14th for forty-seven days of exploring God’s call to live faith in the world. (This year we will be going through Holy Week to Easter Sunday.) And may God’s nourishing love bless you this day and always.

~ from the Lutherans Connect facebook page

The devotions can be accessed from the Lutherans Connect facebook page or their blog.

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