Online Devotional for Pentecost

Voices of the Spirit


Lutherans Connect has provided online devotionals for the major seasons of the Christian year.  Each devotion includes art, music, readings, and reflections.  The series for Pentecost will begin on Sunday, June 4th.


Here is the post describing “Voices of the Spirit”.

Many of us desire to spend more time in spiritual practice than we do, but often find it challenging to make space for it in our lives. In the summer months, many faith communities transition into a time of less programming and it can become easy to fall out of spiritual practice.

In the spirit of our ongoing seasonal devotional projects, Lutherans Connect invites you to make space for reflection during the first five weeks of the Pentecost season of the church. To assist you, we will offer a meditation every other day, bringing together scripture readings, poetry, songs and reflections, from a range of ecumenical traditions.

Our project for Pentecost brings together aspects of both the Advent 2016 and Lenten 2017 projects. Taking inspiration from the Acts 2 description of how the presence of the Holy Spirit in the upper room opened the ears of those gathered, our theme this summer reflects on the capacity of language to open our hearts and minds to other peoples, communities and traditions.

For eighteen days, starting on June 4th and going every other day until July 8th, LC† Voices of the Spirit will imagine a world in which we hear and understand the languages of those we live among. Some of the languages present at the time of Pentecost will be explored. Most other times we will hear about the languages of our own land, including those which have been lost and are being reclaimed and recovered by Indigenous communities. And we will also reflect on the languages brought to this land by recent immigrants, some of whom have ancestral ties to the upper room. What are the stories of faith and spirituality that we carry with us in our languages? How do these unite us more than we may think?

Join us on Sunday, June 4th and experience the wonder of the disciples as we discern together “what does it mean” to be able to really hear each other’s voices? And blessings on your Pentecost!

You can access the devotions through the Lutherans Connect blog or their facebook page.  For the latter, you would need to log into facebook.  If you like the page, the posts will appear in your timeline.

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