Time for our Annual Meetings

A Time to Celebrate and Reflect!
A Time to Plan and Select our Leadership!

Hooray!  The North Thompson Ecumenical Shared Ministry 2016 Annual Reports are ready.  They form the core of how we celebrate and reflect on the life and work of our two congregations and the Parish.  Thanks go to all those who wrote reports and prepared the financial statements and to Leslie Stirling who put the report package together and then printed and collated it.

Be sure to pick up a copy and bring it with you to your congregation and the parish meetings.

There will be three gatherings:

  • The Trinity Shared Ministry congregation will meet on Sunday, January 29th following worship at Sandra’s.  A potluck lunch will follow the meeting.
  • The Church of St Paul congregation will meet on Sunday, February 5th after the service.  The meeting will be at the Church of St Paul following a potluck lunch.
  • The third gathering will be the second Annual Meeting of the entire North Thompson Ecumenical Shared Ministry or the Parish as we have begun to call it.  In the past, only the North Thompson Pastoral Charge Board met to discuss the annual reports and to make plans for the coming year.  The NTESM Agreement that was signed September 24, 2015 and is now our primary governance document calls for an Annual Congregational Meeting of the entire NTESM.  This year’s meeting will be held at the Church of St Paul on Sunday, February 12th following a potluck lunch after the Church of St Paul’s service.  Hopefully, there will be a good turnout from both congregations!

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