Voices United Community Choir Begins Practices Next Week!

Love came down at Christmas cantata coverThe Voices United Community Choir start warming up their voices October 7th as they begin the preparation for this year’s Cantata performances.  A new cantata has been chosen:  Joel Raney’s Love Came Down at Christmas.  

Practices occur on Wednesdays starting at 4:30 pm and run for an hour.  They are held at St. James’ Catholic Church.  All who enjoy singing in harmony are welcome to be members.  There is a $10 membership fee that is used to help purchase the music. Part dominant CDs are available to help individuals learn the songs.

This Choir is sponsored by Trinity Shared Ministry.  It is ably directed by Louise Weaver.  To get a taste of the cantata, see how the CDs are created, and learn a bit about the vision that Joel Raney had when composing this cantata, view this clip.

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