International Women’s Day ~ March 8th

UC International Women's Day - Republic of CongoFor International Women’s Day (March 8), United Church congregations are encouraged to learn and pray about the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where there has been extreme violence and human rights abuses, including widespread sexual violence against women and girls.  (from the United Church’s facebook page)

Mission and Service partner Église du Christ au Congo (ECC) is appealing to our church and other ecumenical partners for prayers and solidarity. A prolonged civil war, which began in 1996, has led to extreme violence and human rights abuses. There has been widespread sexual violence against women and girls.

The DRC is rich in minerals, including tantalum (also known as coltan), a necessary component in the manufacture of electronics, especially cell phones. High global demand for the DRC’s resources is fuelling the conflict. Canadian-based mining companies are involved in the region, and KAIROS’s Open for Justice campaign is calling for stronger accountability and regulation of their activities.  (from the United Church’s website)

Information, prayers, and worship materials can be found on the United Church’s website.

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