Joyous Song Benefits Forest View Place

A Gift to the Community Tripled!

The Voices United Community Choir led us all back to Bethlehem as the Christmas story was told through narration and song in this year’s cantata, Lead Me Back to Bethlehem.  The choir itself received a gift as the weeks of practice turned into awe when the cantata was performed.  The community was gifted through the three selections performed at the food bank fundraiser, the primary performance at the Clearwater Community Baptist Church on December 13th at which about 75 people heard the 30-voice choir sing their hearts out, and the performance for residents and guests at Forest View Place on December 21st.  Then, the tripling occurred when the treasurer of Clearwater United Church, the sponsor of the choir, was able to write a $545.00 cheque to Forest View Place for its recreation fund as a result of the admission donations to the primary performance and the purchases of cds and dvds of that performance.

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