Anglican and Episcopal Churches Respond to New Relationship Between Cuba and the United States

A Statement from the Metropolitan Council of Cuba

The following is a statement from the Metropolitan Council of Cuba (MCC). MCC guides the autonomous Episcopal Church of Cuba in matters of faith and order, meeting annually in Cuba prior to synod. The Chair of MCC is Archbishop Fred Hiltz who sits along with Archbishop John Holder of the Church in the Province of the West Indies and Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, Episcopal Church USA. The General Secretary, the Ven. Dr. Michael Thompson, serves as secretary to the Council.

In that kairos time of the much-anticipated joy in the coming of the Messiah, whose life and ministry would proclaim peace and goodwill among the nations, we rejoice with the people of Cuba in their time of chronos, in which the United States of America and Cuba have announced steps towards the normalization of their relationship.

We commend the courageous leadership of President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro. We give thanks to God for the role Canada has played in providing venues for negotiations in the interest of this historic development.

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