“Quail and Manna”

Bishop Greg Mohr shared the sermon, “Quail and Manna: Wilderness Food for the Journey”, he presented at the Fall Conference Conventions.

The Israelites, led by Moses and Aaron, journey through the wilderness. And the people complain.

It feels that way sometimes. These are challenging times for the church; a time of dis- location, uncertainty. We are unsure of what the future will bring, unsure whether or not we will survive as a Lutheran church.

We often think of wilderness journeys as times of wandering, where we’re unsure of the ending. Perhaps we’re not sure where we’re going. We also realize that the signposts are different from those we have known previously.
Yet there is another aspect to wilderness. In many traditions, wilderness had a specific purpose: it was a time for reflection, discernment, vision, clarity. A wilderness journey can involve inner struggles and spiritual discipline. Perhaps our time of wilderness as a church needs to be seen in such light as well.

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