Lenten Lecture Series

Haloes and Hidden Things

Exploring the Light and Shadow of Spiritual Life

This Lenten Lecture Series will be held on Thursdays throughout Lent at St. Paul’s Cathedral (360 Nicola Street, Kamloops) beginning at 12:15 pm.  A light lunch will be served following the presentation.

Human beings are a complex mixture of sacred opposites.  This series will explore the balance of shadow and light through the lens of the Seven Virtues and Vices.  Speakers will address one of the shadow/light pairings and offer a reflective lecture on how the specific Virtue and Vice is evident in the individual (the soul) and the collective community.  Using the tools of theology, story, scripture, and social science, speakers will courageously uncover the complexity of the human spirit in its motivations and desire to live fully in balance and share how the soul’s journey through awareness can be enriched and be more closely connected to the Holy One.

This series promises to be a deep conversation that will provoke thoughts about spirituality, ethics, consciousness, behaviour, choice, transformation, forgiveness, and holiness.  It is a way to walk the Lenten path in community and to study the way of the human seeking the sacred Divine Way that includes both Darkness and Light:  Good Friday and Easter.

The seven pairings are

  • chastity and lust
  • diligence and sloth
  • humility and pride
  • charity and greed
  • kindness and envy
  • patience and wrath
  • temperance and gluttony

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