Reflections on Christian Unity – Day 5

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity logoDay 5 – Together … we are called into fellowship (1 Cor. 1: 9b)

Isaiah 43: 1-7, Psalm 133, 1 John 1: 3-7, John 15: 12-17

Three points for reflection: We are called into fellowship with God the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. As we draw closer to the Triune God, we are drawn closer to one another in Christian unity.

Christ has initiated a change in our relationship, calling us friends instead of servants. In response to this relationship of love, we are called out of relationships of power and domination into friendship and
love of one another.

Called by Jesus, we witness to the gospel both to those who have not yet heard it and to those who have. This proclamation contains a call into fellowship with God and establishes fellowship among those who respond.


In what ways do you experience the call into fellowship with God?

In what ways is God calling you into fellowship with others within your church and beyond?


Father of love, you have called us into the fellowship of your Son and appointed us to bear fruit in our witness to the gospel. By the grace of your Spirit, enable us to love one another and to dwell together in unity so that our joy may be complete.  Amen.

from The Canadian Council of Churches’ website

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