Reflections on Christian Unity – Day 4

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity logoDay 4 – Together … we affirm that God is faithful (1 Cor. 1:9a)

Lamentations 3: 19-26, Psalm 57: 7-11, Hebrews 10: 19-25, Luke 1: 67-75

Three points for reflection: The eternal unity of Father, Son and Spirit draws us closer into the love of God, and calls us to participate in God’s work in the world, which is love, mercy and justice. Mercy and justice are not divided in God, but rather are joined together in the steadfast love manifested in God’s covenant with us and with all of creation.

The new father Zechariah testifies to God’s manifestation of mercy in keeping his promises to Abraham and his descendents. God is faithful to his holy covenant.

As we continue to pray for the unity of the church, we must not neglect to meet together and encourage one another, spurring each other on towards love and good deeds, saying, “God is faithful.”


In what ways have you discerned God’s faithfulness in your life and the life of your community in the past year?

In what ways does God’s faithfulness inspire us to pursue the goal of Christian unity?


Faithful God, we give thanks for your steadfast love and your devotedness that extends to the clouds. As we wait in joyful hope, working and praying together for the full visible unity of your church, fill us with confidence in your promises . We make this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord, in the
power of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

from The Canadian Council of Churches’ website

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