Reflections For Christian Unity – Day 2

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity logoDay 2 – Together…we give thanks for God’s grace in one another (1 Cor. 1: 4)

Deuteronomy 26: 1-11, Psalm 100, Philippians 1: 3-11, John 1: 1-18

Three points for reflection: Gratitude, in the ecumenical context, means being able to rejoice in the gifts of God’s grace present in other Christian communities, an attitude that opens the door to ecumenical sharing of gifts and to learning from one another.

Women like Deborah and Chloe raise a prophetic voice among God’s people in times of conflict and division, confronting us with the need to be reconciled. Such prophetic voices may enable people to gather in renewed unity for action.

As we strive to be united in the same mind and the same purpose, we are called to seek the Lord and his peace as the psalmist wrote.


What are the gifts of God’s grace that we already experience from other church traditions in our own communities?

In what ways might Christians of different traditions better receive and share the varied gifts that God has given to each of us?

Most loving and gracious God, we give thanks for the gifts of your grace that we experience in our own tradition and in the traditions of other churches. By the grace of your Holy Spirit, may our gratitude continue to grow as we encounter one another and experience your gift of unity in new ways. This we pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

from The Canadian Council of Churches’ website

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