Letter from Bishop Greg encouraging participation in the Walk for Reconciliation

In a letter to congregations and Rostered Ministers of the BC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Bishop Greg recognizes that while the “Lutheran church was not directly involved in operating residential schools, as members of the Canadian public we nonetheless are complicit in the systems that led to such actions.”

As well as giving some background information and describing the decisions and participation of Anglican churches, Bishop Greg encourages Lutherans to attend the Walk for Reconciliation.

The Walk for Reconciliation is one more step along the journey of establishing renewed relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.  I invite and encourage each of you to pray, prepare, and learn during this National Event of September 18 to 21.  Please attend whatever part of the Truth Commission you are able.  Then, on September 22nd, join tens of thousands of other Canadians of good will – Indigenous and non-Indigenous, of all faiths and none – in walking together towards renewed relationships for us all.

Bishop Greg concludes his letter with this desire and prayer: “May God’s spirit move among us as we seek reconciliation and renewed relationships.”

For information on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Residential Schools see Truth and Reconciliation on this website.

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