Blessings For Their Journey

During worship on the 4th, thanks and blessings were given as Lois and Don prepare for their move that will bring them closer to part of their family.  We were blessed by knowing them and having them in our church family.  Their contributions to our potlucks, both the excellent food and Don’s stories, will be missed.  Our pilgrimage folk are thankful to have been introduced to Lois’s eatmore bars as the tasty treats gave them the energy for that “one last hill”.  When the Voices United Community Choir was mentioned, Lois said that finding a choir would be a “must”.  Lois has served on the Board, been a member of the Ministry and Personnel Committee, and since 2009 been our treasurer.  We are grateful that they chose to be part of our family and appreciate their involvement with us.  May the move go smoothly and they be blessed with joy and contentment in their new community.

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