CBC’s Daybreak North interviews prof about hunger and medical experiments in residential schools

Host of Daybreak North, Betsy Trumpener, speaks with Mary-Ellen Kelm, the Canada Research Chair in History, Medicine, and Society at Simon Fraser University.  Hear the interview in which she comments on recently released research, her many conversations with First Nations elders regarding hunger at residential schools, and her own archival research.

“A Step Along the Path” – marking the 20th Anniversary of the Anglican Church’s apology to residential school survivors

On August 6th, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, marked the 20th anniversary of Archbishop Michael Peers’ apology to the survivors of residential schools with this statement.

In it, Hiltz states “Then and there the apology was offered-quietly and prayerfully. The next day Vi Smith, speaking on behalf of the elders and participants, said, “It was offered from the heart with sincerity, sensitivity, compassion and humility… We offer praise and thanks to our Creator for his courage.”  Here and now we give thanks to God for Michael’s leadership.  Far-sighted and firm, it set our Church on a new trajectory of healing, reconciliation and new life from which we can never turn back. While Michael described the apology as “a step along the path,” it was, in fact, a huge step.”

For information on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Residential Schools see Truth and Reconciliation.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission is able to explore Canada’s Archives for the first time

CBC reports that “the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada is heading into the federal government’s archives Tuesday to gather more of the 3.5 million documents related to residential schools.

“At first, the federal government refused to give the TRC access to all federal residential school documents, but in January, a judge ordered the government to hand over all relevant documents.

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For more information on the Commission and Residential Schools see Truth and Reconciliation.

Blessings For Their Journey

During worship on the 4th, thanks and blessings were given as Lois and Don prepare for their move that will bring them closer to part of their family.  We were blessed by knowing them and having them in our church family.  Their contributions to our potlucks, both the excellent food and Don’s stories, will be missed.  Our pilgrimage folk are thankful to have been introduced to Lois’s eatmore bars as the tasty treats gave them the energy for that “one last hill”.  When the Voices United Community Choir was mentioned, Lois said that finding a choir would be a “must”.  Lois has served on the Board, been a member of the Ministry and Personnel Committee, and since 2009 been our treasurer.  We are grateful that they chose to be part of our family and appreciate their involvement with us.  May the move go smoothly and they be blessed with joy and contentment in their new community.

Picnic at Dutch Lake

Spend an afternoon with folk from the Clearwater congregation as they gather at the beach at Dutch Lake on Wednesday, June 10th about noon.  Bring a lunch and sunscreen.  Enjoy the opportunity to chat, swim, walk, paddle, and eat with friends in this wonderful outdoor setting.

Cheque Presented to Hospice House Society

Pastor Brian presented a $450 cheque to MaryAnn Shewchuk, a director of the North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society in late June.  This was the last piece connected to the Covenanting / Installation of Rev. Brian Krushel.  The decision had been made for the offering made at the Covenanting/Installation Service go to this Society because it serves both Barriere and Clearwater.  We are grateful that those who had attended the service were so generous.

Glorious Day for Our Outdoor Worship Service and Picnic

NTPC Worship and Picnic June 2013 - CommunionWe were blessed with fine weather for the Pastoral Charge’s Annual Worship Service and Picnic on June 23rd.  About forty folk from Vavenby to Kamloops gathered on the lawn next to the Church of St Paul.  A small chamber group of two violins and a drum led the music. However, there was the added surprise of us being serenaded at different points in the service by music coming over the speakers from an event happening at the bandstand across the road.  As Pastor Brian was giving the sermon, a crow decided to join in with his or her own comments.  After our souls were fed during communion, our bodies feasted on hotdogs, salads, and a fine selection of desserts.  Many continued visiting well into the afternoon.

NTPC Worship and Picnic June 2013 - Sermon      NTPC Worship and Picnic June 2013 - Brian with Joy Church   NTPC Worship and Picnic June 2013 - Receiving offering    NTPC Worship and Picnic June 2013 - Brian filling his plate   NTPC Worship and Picnic June 2013 - Brian trying on Micki's hat